0024: Linux on Chrome OS (Part 3)


[Episode Date: 2019-05-19] In the first two episodes of the four-part series, we learned how to get started with Linux on Chrome OS. In this episode I share how to access files and hardware devices in the VM as well as how to make those pesky applications visible on the high resolution Pixelbook screens. There’s also show format changes based on listener feedback and a new way to interact with the podcast.

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Series Information:

  1. Part 1 – Installation and virtual machine review [Episode Date: 2019-04-22]
  2. Part 2 – Linux applications installations [Episode Date: 2019-04-29]
  3. Part 3 – File management and hardware devices [Episode Date: 2019-05-19]
  4. Part 4 – Linux terminal commands

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