0005: On the Road Again

Listen to the Episode (2018-12-15)

Ad-Hoc Notes

Ad-Hoc Notes are not as complete as show notes. Expect gaps. But here are the links mentioned in this quick, on-the-go episodes.

  1. Don't forget to use the Feedback section below to let me know you are out there!
  2. Anchor.fm app - Listen to the very end of my show for an inside look at the recording of this episode. It ain't pretty folks.
  3. Anker SoundCore mini - They don't make the model I use, this is the spiritual successor.
  4. Philips wired/wireless noise cancelling headphones - Seems I purchased them for $70 during a sale. They are still a bargain for $130.
  5. White Noise app - Our goto white noise generator. Pair with speaker above for an on-the-go sleep aid.
  6. Pocket Casts - My goto podcast solution.
  7. Feitenn Google Pixel 3 XL Folio Case - Did I mention, I love this case!
  8. TicWatch E Wear OS - For the price, this watch rocks! Perfect if you want to cut your teeth on Wear OS.


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