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28 October 2019

0037: Pixel 4XL Ramblings

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

It’s Halloween and in this episode I share my new Treat (or is that Trick?); the new Pixel 4 XL (I don’t have a Pixel 4, so I can’t comment on that scary battery life controversy). Afterward, I have a whole lot to share in the Addendum segment including my new nickname, the deal I received on my Pixel 4 XL, and another Pixel related purchase I’m looking forward to receiving in November. 👻🎃⚰


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Pixel 4 XL Review

I will do my best to focus on my thoughts on the phone and not Android 10 (see episode 0027.



Processor and Memory




Face Unlock

Motion Sense

Google Assistant

Recorder App

Android Auto



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Final Thoughts

What’d I miss? Post your comments on the episode Subreddit post comments.


  1. I mentioned this episode would be 0036 – It is not, it is 0037 (changed because I’d forgotten I now include ad hoc episodes in the number count.
  2. While discussing Pixel Buds 2 I could not remember the name of Apple’s Bluetooth headphones. It’s Apple Airpods, of course!
  3. The big deal: $100 with Google Fi promotion and an extra $150 with long time subscriber reward brings the cost of the Pixel 4 XL to $649!!! First order was for 4 then after reviews about battery, changed to 4 XL.
  4. Pre-ordered Google Stadia Founders Edition while trying to decide on whether I would purchase the Pixel 4. Arrives November 7th and I snuck in.
  5. New special offers, check them out now (Duet Display and Photolemur).
  6. I mentioned a flag was causing Pixel Slate reboots – turns out it wasn’t the flag and a powerwash cleared it up for me.
  7. Made by Google Twitter responded to a recent tweet regarding unlimited storage of Pixel phone photos (see embed at the right).
  8. It’s Halloween season, read my latest blog post to learn how I used a $50 LCD projector to scare the Trick ‘r Treaters.
  9. Also for Halloween, let’s revisit the Google Graveyard - Killed by Google.
  10. About that nickname: I’m a level 7 local guide and this week I received my local guide socks – user radiantwave has given me the new nickname of Mr. Toasty Toes!
  11. Commodore 64 program found on a 1980’s Christian rock album.


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