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11 August 2019

0031: Pixelbook and Pixel Slate

by Steven B. Combs, Ph.D.

I take a half-time break in the six-part series of “My Favs” to share my thoughts on the Google Pixel Slate (m3). Regular listeners know I use a Google Pixelbook (i5) almost daily; however, for the past three weeks, I’ve used a new Pixel Slate exclusively. In this short episode, I share my thoughts. No addendum this week, but that segment will return in the next episode as I continue to chronicle my pixel-powered life.

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Show Notes

I take a short break from my six part “My Favs” series and sneak in this special half-time episode where I compare the Google Pixelbook (i5) with the Google Pixel Slate (m3). Complete show notes below (not in Google Docs this week). Images of my two devices are in the gallery below.

Click the image below to view a gallery of the two devices I created using my Pixel 3 XL’s camera:

Pixelbook and Pixel Slate

Google Pixelbook (i5) Specs

Google Pixel Slate (m3) Specs

Laptop Mode Pixelbook

Laptop Mode Pixel Slate

Tablet Mode Pixelbook

Tablet Mode Pixel Slate

NOTE: Learn more about tablet mode in episode 0019.

Thoughts on Pixel Slate

Should you purchase a Pixel Slate?


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